Cycle syncing - hack your menstrual cycle


Get to know your cycle

Everyone is unique and needs an individualised approach.

That’s why you shouldn't follow a certain pattern but should rather understand YOUR OWN cycle and tune into it.

Start tracking your cycle. Start listening to your body.

Take notes of what is happening in your body and mind at different times of the cycle. Ask yourself what foods you’re craving, what your energy levels are like, etc.

Practice mindfulness and give your body the respect and attention it deserves.


Nourish your body according to its different needs throughout the cycle

During menstruation focus on iron and zinc rich foods to help compensate for the loss of blood and drop in energy. Increase also the intake of anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon to reduce period cramps and other menstrual symptoms.

Before ovulation, eat more high fibre foods, leafy greens and cruciferous veggies which will help your body metabolise oestrogen. Look also for foods rich in healthy fats to nourish the growing follicles.

In the second half of the cycle you have a slightly higher metabolic rate - you can eat 100 - 300 more kcal. But choose wisely, focus on foods high in tryptophan, B vitamins and magnesium which can help stabilise mood and manage PMS.


Introduce seed cycling

Seed cycling is a daily routine of eating certain seeds to regulate and improve the menstrual cycle and reduce its uncomfortable symptoms.

Flax and pumpkin seeds in the first half of the cycle and sesame and sunflower seeds in the second half of your cycle.

Seeds are full of micronutrients that support your body in restoring and maintaining its natural hormonal balance at different phases of your cycle.

Learn more about seed cycling here.

Moonchy Bars are based on the seed cycling practice. They contain the exact quantities of organic raw seeds needed daily to practice seed cycling :)

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